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“Quality Extreme Intense Plus”, more than few words, it is a commitment to deliver a high standard of high  quality skin care products to all our customers, making of Beauty an essence of our core business. We are focused on providing the best beauty treatments within our QEI Beauty parlour as a first step for you to realize the benefits of our products indoor.

Beauty is our pleasure, so we believe that only using our genuine EU ingredients in our products is the key to releasing natural and radiant Beauty. The likes of Argan oil, shea butter, almond oil, grape seed oil, carrot oil, black avocado oil, palm and olive, dead sea minerals, caviar pearls, and so forth...

Because Beauty is a must, a challenge, a duty of care: that’s why we are so passionate and dedicated to ensure that we provide the best skin care and cosmetic products which will enhance well-being, well-looking for men, women and children too.

We are very proud to have successfully established a strong and solid reputation for our caring customer service.

When it comes to ethics, we play our part in creating a world of fairly beautiful people. We are mindful of our impact on the natural ingredients used to avoid any damage to the skin; we are determined to avoid compromising tomorrow for the sake of today. We make a positive contribution to all families buying our products as their positive feedbacks are always present in our mind and more than welcome. We are committed to the respect of human rights and individual dignity.

With more than 20 years of dedicated research, at QEI+ Paris, we know your skin inside and out – whether normal, dry, dull, ageing or combination. Therefore, our wide range of products will be the solution for your skin issues; skin care creams are developed and rigorously tested with leading skin experts and French dermato- cosmetologists.

Our products are for men and women delivering 24hr hydration and helping protect from dryness, getting rid of dark spots and blemishes; although commonly people think that we care about dark skin in general: false!; we do provide effective response to all ethnicities with our products and services too.

We are not any more in our 20's and 30's when the skin was still young even though not always perfect: nowadays, stress, fatigue and an unbalanced lifestyle can affect skin quality causing irregularities to appear: imperfections, enlarged pores and an uneven skin tone.

That’s why in QEI+ London, we are convinced that we partially have the solution to many of your skin problems.

Indeed, come to visit our In Store Beauty Institute to experience the pace of life we all need, somewhere we can go to unwind and rejuvenate. Our wellness lounge offers a relaxing, friendly space where you can have some precious time to yourself and enjoy deeply relaxing body massages. We offer a fantastic range of beauty treatments, all at affordable prices...

QEI+,The Signature Of Your Natural Beauty! You are welcome!

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